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Wear Mask Decal, 6 Ft Apart Keep Your Distance – Great for Windows & Doors – Pack of 6 – 2 Large, 4 Small – Red Decals


Protect employees and customers coming into your business with our durable “Please Wear Mask” decal. Stickers are easy to install or remove – both outdoors and indoors -, and won’t damage your windows, walls, or fall off.

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Our floor stickers are made with 4 mil cast vinyl. These COVID stickers have a secure grip and resist tearing, and high-traffic activity. These are perfect hotel stickers as well as for grocery stores, airports, restaurants, malls, offices, and lab markers. Our floor decals are compatible with any indoor surface! Our stand here floor sticker is are great COVID supplies for your establishment Footprint stickers for the floor will not work with unsealed concrete, carpet stickers, porous, dirty, or wet surfaces. Our social distancing sticker will only work on flat surfaces.

• Slip-resistant

• Easy application and removal

• Latex Inks good for hospitals and restaurants Materials Used for our social distancing floor stickers:

• Permanent 4 mil cast vinyl. • Durability – 4 years Application Instructions for stickers and decals • Clean the surface with water and wipe until dry.

• Remove off sticker backing paper • Place sticker on the floor from top to bottom or left to right. Make sure you leave no bubbles.

• Press over the entire sticker until it’s firmly set in. Thank you for keeping social distance.


★ Social Distancing Floor signs are Vinyl Stickers with Slip-Resistant Lamination, Easy application, printed on Latex Inks, great to use as floor sticker, for hospitals and restaurants that let people know to maintain 6 feet apart

★ Help customers adhere to social distancing rules and regulations. Our Vinyl floor decals are durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean social distancing markers. They will last in environments with continuous foot traffic. Custom sizes and designs available.

★ These social distancing floor stickers are perfect for checkout grocery stores, airports, restaurants, malls, and Offices. Great large decals. social distancing floor decal to maintain space.

★ These social distancing floor decals are round with black feet stickers. will help keep your customers and employees safe. They are great to control crowds in big and small spaces by placing a please stand here sign or labels marker on the floor.

★ This anti-slip floor sticker IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CARPET

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Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 10 in


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